Why You Should Consider Using An Electrical Fences for Horses

Electrical Fences and Horses

Electric fences are amongst the many types of fences that are widely used for animal control. Using electricity to deter animals and people from crossing a particular boundary; these types of fences can effectively contain domestic and livestock animals. More and more horse owners are using these fences because of their reliability and effectiveness.

Some of the reasons so many people are using electrical fences for containing their horses are:

  • It is safer than traditional fencing, there are fewer incidents and accidents than with traditional barbed fences for instance;
  • They are more affordable and cost effective than traditional fencing, able to cover larger distances with fewer posts and last longer than traditional materials;
  • They can prevent wear on a fence from ‘cribbing’ or chewing;
  • It requires far less maintenance than a traditional fence;
  • They are easy and quick to erect and collapse allowing you to move them from one area to another or erect as a temporary measure.

Horses are easy to control with electric fencing. They are intelligent animals and quickly learn to respect an fence. Many people are concerned about whether electrical fences are safe, but there is simply an irrational fear surrounding the use of such fences. Are electric fences safe for your horse? the answer is simple – Yes.

When your horse touches the wire on an electric fence it closes the electrical circuit which allows the current to flow through the horse and into the soil, and finally back to the energizer. This results in the horse experiencing a sudden, but ultimately harmless shock causing it to back away from the electrified fence. The lesson is learnt. The idea that an animal will continually receive an excessive shock is frankly silly. Horses are smart creatures, any owner will tell you that. The fence teaches them a lesson, nothing more.

Traditional wire or wooden fencing is much more likely to injure your horse especially when they get scared or spooked by a predator and attempt to push through or jump over it. A properly installed electrified fence system is the safest, most visible method to control horses. Not only is the fence strong enough to take the horses weight, but it can be made tall enough that the horse will not attempt to jump it. The materials available as a replacement to wire include electric tape and rope, both highly visible to your horse.